Caps for jars Omnia and Twist-Off

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The normal aluminium cap is produced and distributed under the trade names „Etropole“,“Rakovski“,“Peshtera“ and „Lovech“.

The aluminium caps type „Omnia“ with full coloured lithography are produced and distributed under the trade marks „Rosi“ and „Liato“, which are property of „Alians - DN“ and are registered in the Patent Department of Repunlic of Bulgaria.

In 2010 a new up-to-date high-tech german production line was installed. It is manufactured by one of the leading companies in the world - "BiBRA" Hamburg.

The caps are made of aluminium, external polishing coating or coloured lithography. For their production aluminium sheet is used. It is delivered as sheets, after then it is polished or printed depending on the cap type which should be produced, The next step is: a special feeding device moves the sheet to an automatic press for cap stamping. The caps designed like this pass through pasting machines which apply the plastisol sealing. Then the caps are baked for specified time and at a specified process temperature in a tunnel furnace.

The last step of the production process is the packing and the labelling of the finished products.

The caps type "Omnia" are the most wide-spread on our market. They are used for preservation of fruits, vegetables and meat mainly in home conditions.

Video Omnia!

“Alians - DN” - Production process

Video Twist-Off!

“Alians - DN” - Production process

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